ant bait stations

Ant bait stations are refillable for insect bait. They can be used in conjunction with granular, gel or liquid insect bait. They prevent contamination to non target pests. They can be used both vertically and horizontally for granular and gel baits. They should be placed vertically when using liquid baits. 

How it works

Ants come to the station to feed on an assortment of baits targeted to ants. Ants will carry this bait back to the queen which will eliminate both the queen and the nest. 


  • For use with liquid, gel or dry baits
  • Bait stays fresher, longer!
  • Protects bait from the elements
  • Keeps out non target pests
  • Tested against different types of ants
  • Larger size and shape to prevent accidental ingestion
  • Moves easily- without spilling
  • Adjustable size and number of entries
  • Securable to hard surfaces with double-sided tape and to exterior with ties
  • Lockable with ties.