bird spikes

preventing birds from nesting

Our bird spikes provide a humane method to preventing bird landing and roosting. These are the premiere product for preventative bird control. They are also effective in current bird infestations. 

How it Works

Each bird spike can be secured to any hard surface using an adhesive or silicone. Bird spikes make the area they cover uncomfortable for landing or nesting. This does not hurt the bird but for some discomfort. Every bird infestation is different. This product should be used in conjunction with an Integrated Pest Management program that should include reduction in inducements such as nests, droppings and dead birds, as well as sanitation, and other bird control products. For maximum effectiveness make sure to have proper preparation and coverage of the treatment area. Clean, disinfect and repair surface prior to installation. Remove all vegetation and branches. Be thorough in the application of all existing and potential nesting areas and areas above these to prevent birds from dropping nesting material on the spikes. Cover all exposed surfaces including corners. Sometimes this means using these spikes vertically and sideways in addition to standard installation.


  • Each unit can be snapped together with another unit to fit longer lengths
  • Can be mounted on most surfaces (including flat, curved, and
    irregular) and on most materials 
  • Affix spikes with an adhesive
  • Humane – does not kill the birds